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CNC machining for the competitive edge

Davlan specializes in CNC vertical and horizontal machining. Experienced engineers program your parts for maximum accuracy and efficiency. Davlan utilizes brand name machinery with the latest machine tool technology such as Toyoda Horizontal Machining centers. Our Gibbs Cam software allows us to produce accurate CNC programs from 2D and 3D solid model drawings, where conversational programming enables us to switch between prototype and high mix production efficiency by reducing setup and programming time. This type of programming imports 2D data from a CAD file to create a conversational program right on the control. This eliminates data entry mistakes and substantially minimizes programming because the tool paths are created from the CAD file.

VERTICAL MACHINING CENTERS facilitate less manual handling and more simultaneous operation. Our pallet-shuttle-type machines eliminate load time for faster production cycles. In addition, our machines are equipped with 4th-axis indexers with multiple-part holding fixtures, enabling us to machine four sides of the part without removing it. This eliminates clamping errors and reduces load time. Other features include:

  • Maximum table capacity of 20" by 40" with pallet shuttle
  • Maximum table capacity of 5' by 10' on manual load Gantry Mill
  • Spindle speeds up to 10000 RPM and feed rates up to 1800 inches per minute
  • Spindle probe and tool probe capability
  • Solid tapping capability for accuracy and depth control
  • Complete coolant management with biodegradable food-grade coolant

HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTERS consist of (7) 400mm to 500mm, two-pallet machines with 40 to 50-taper tooling, providing ample capacity for heavy-duty cutting. All machines are equipped with tombstones to facilitate multiple-part holding. Other features include:

  • 26" cube machining capacity
  • Up to 1000 PSI through-spindle coolant
  • Spindle RPMs up to 10,000 to 15,000 RPMs
  • Feed rates up to 1500 inches per minute
  • Tool management software
  • Complete coolant management with biodegradable food-grade coolant