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Why Davlan?

Since 1963, Davlan customers have trusted their most critical jobs to our team. From attentive service to exceptional value to parts that perform, we deliver a superior experience every time.


Our staff engineers and machinists can take your idea, design the part, create an efficient manufacturing plan, machine it, saw it, stamp it, grind it, deburr it, plate it, pack it and ship it. And that's just a sampling of what Davlan can accomplish under one roof. Our
affiliate company, Quality Screw Machine Products, Inc., adds screw machine capabilities to our comprehensive services. Davlan will manage your job through these companies to ensure consistent quality from start to finish. In addition, Davlan can secure and supervise other finishing services for you, using our trusted resources. Why endure the hassle of coordinating several different suppliers when we can do it all – and do it well?


Our ISO registered quality program starts with the raw material and doesn't end until your parts are packed and shipped. To learn more about our quality process and standards, click here.


Our 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility incorporates the latest technology to improve accuracy and efficiency for our customers. With state-of-the-art CAD, CAD/CAM, estimating, and ERP software programs we are able to provide prompt, extremely accurate quotes. Once an order is placed, our tightly integrated system uses information from the quote to jumpstart and streamline the manufacturing process. And with estimate, order entry, design, programming, MRP and shop routing so fully integrated, we can give our customers real-time updates on their orders as they are in process.


Davlan accepts "blanket orders" that enable you to receive deliveries at scheduled times, spread material cost over time, and save valuable warehouse space.


We work aggressively to reach the pricing that works for you. Just as important, we have the machinery, the knowledge and the experience to deliver on our promises. We know value means more than the lowest price. We deliver superior precision parts, on time, at a competitive rate.


As a family-owned business, we extend the same caring and responsive attitude to our customers that we do to our employees. We work hard to help customers meet tight deadlines. And, smaller customers get the same VIP treatment as larger customers. Many of our long-term customers have grown right along with us, and we are always looking for that next growth customer.