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A full-service approach to manufacturing

Davlan's end-to-end manufacturing capabilities extend beyond our sophisticated CNC operations to meet your needs for conventional machining and fabrication, including: design, manufacturing, finishing and assembly.


With our state of the art Trumpf 5000 watt (5kw) CO2 laser, you'll get your job done fast. Capabilities include:

  • Stainless steel up to .375 thick
  • Aluminum up to .500 thick
  • Steel up to 1.00 thick
  • 60 x 120 cutting envelope
  • automatic loading 
  • Interior off load pouch with (2) two-ton overhead bridge cranes


Our high-performance CNC brake presses enable Davlan to complete all of your forming needs. Capabilities include: 

  • Trumpf 3120, 132 tons, 10' length, 4 axis back gauge 
  • Cincinnati Formaster II, 90 tons, 8' length, multi axis back gauge


  • Certified to military and AWS specifications: AWS D1.1. AWS D1.2, AWS D1.3, AWS D14.1, AWS D17.1
  • Lincoln series 10, air filtered, two pallet type robotic welder with positioners for welding steel, stainless or aluminum. Servo torch for increased feed ability of aluminum wire. Fume extraction
  • Mig welding with ESAB Aristomig 400, Millermatic 200, L-TEC Digipulse 450, and Millermatic CP-200, utilizing power source inverter technology
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Miller Dynasty 350
  • Stud Welding with ProWeld Arc1850
  • Brazing and Silver Soldering with Oxy-Acetylene torch
  • Preheat and post heat for alloy steels
  • Resistance Welding (Spot welding) to accurately and quickly weld various metals of various thickness to a metal stamping, providing cost-eective precision assemblies


  • Precision Metal Stampings
  • Eight ton to 150 ton capabilities, press speeds one to 100 spm, and 110 ton and 150 ton presses with die cushions for drawing capabilities
  • In-house tool design, and fabrication of progressive and secondary dies. All tooling is designed in its own independent die set and will operate in a multiple number of presses
  • Secondary operations including drilling, tapping, welding, riveting, staking, machining, deburring or secondary press work are done in-house
  • In-house vibratory finishing (up to 20 cubic feet capacity), bead blasting and auto-conveyor part washing
  • Approved sources (certified vendor base) for secondary operations such as: heat treating, plating, painting and metal finishing


  • Multi-component assemblies – our capability to assemble our precision metal components to other components allows customers to reduce their vendor base while improving quality and reducing costs
  • Riveting – (9) Chicago Pneumatic riveters set tubular rivets to a consistent grip range for flexible joints
  • Dock to Stock – customers count on Davlan to take their parts from conception, design and production to a packed part ready for stock
  • Custom packaging, boxing, heat sealing and barcode labeling


  • Automatic band saw with vertical clamping for 16" x 16" bundle capacity. Sawing accuracy: ±1/64" Squareness: .005" per inch
  • Four automatic cold saws (circular), with vertical clamping, for high-speed cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Miter cuts: 0° – 90°, Finish: 125RMS or better (eliminates mill to length operations), Accuracy: ±.005", Squareness : .003" per inch
  • Ability to saw and process truckload quantities


  • Blanchard – 42"Ø table with 22"Ø - 5 segment grinding wheel x 50HP. Variable intensity control for magnetic chuck and hydro cyclone coolant filtration system.
  • Surface – 12" x 24" max capacity with a 1-1/4" wide x 12"Ø grinding wheel
  • Honing – vertical and horizontal Sunnen hones, capable of up to 6"Ø CUSTOM FIXTURING
  • Multi-part holding fixtures, indexing fixtures, custom cutting tools, and stamping die design and production